Drake, A Warrior's Tale

In days long gone and ages past, when history was written on the ashes of empires and kings, dragons roamed freely and dark things walked the earth. On a lonely day in the mountains I was born to this time of chaos and upheavel. My mother was a simple village girl, but my father was no ordinary mortal. He was sent to this world for the purpose of creating a being that could fight the darkness and still feel the compassion of a human soul. For you see they did not wish to concern themselves with the fate of the mortal race, but without mortals to worship at their altars or pray to them they could not exist. So in their infinite wisdom they thought I would be the perfect solution, they thought wrong. I found out early in my life just how ugly darkness is, when they arranged for the death of my mother. At the age of 12 I confronted and destroyed my first demon. I was alone and confused by the growing power inside of me.

I ran outside and buried my face in the cold mountain snow to try and erase all that my eyes had just seen. The others in the village heard my howls of despair and came to the shack. I was branded as an outcast, for while some of the elders believed my story, they could not allow me to stay and endanger the rest. I was sent out from everything I had ever known into a harsh and dark world. As I took those first steps into a greater unknown I swore to my mother's body, lying at the edge of the village, that somehow I would avenge her. Then I turned and walked away from her frozen eyes into the night. I found a cavern about three miles down the path and camped there for the night. As I built my fire and fixed a meal out of my meager store, an apparition appeared to me.

I seen it out of the corner of my eye and turned slowly to face it. " I have dwelt here for four centuries, what is your purpose? ", it said in a raspy voice that could grate stone. I did what any one would do, threw a rock and told it to go away. As I started to eat it drifted closer and " touched " my shoulder. I didn't like spirits much after my last encounter and this one was getting annoying. I started to reach inside and call on my power when it " sat " across from me. " I have spoken with your mother, and she says you need to move on, to gain some control before you fall into darkness. " , with those words it vanished leaving me to ponder my fate.

In the morning I awoke and started the long trek down the mountain. The snow glittered under my feet and the ice crunched in time with my steps. The weight of the last two days started to bring me down into a dark abyss and there was little comfort for my soul. I heard a rumbling and looked up to see a bolt of light hit the mountain where the village was. My father alighted on the path just in front of me. " My son forgive me for not coming sooner, but I have been waging a war with darkness for centuries and I forget time passes quickly here.", his voice sounded like ringing brass and his eyes glowed white hot. "Now you show your face, after mother was taken, ripped apart in front of me. How can you expect me to listen to anything you say?", I replied. He started to touch my shoulder and I jerked away," Go back to your masters and tell them I'll have my revenge on whatever set me on this path, the demon whispered a name as he was dying and I will find them one way or another.", I shouted.

He chuckled at me then and shook his head. " You think this is a game you can win boy?", his eyes darkened as his anger started to rise and his hands pulsed with energy. " You are half mortal whelp and I can take away your soul. You will follow your path and obey or you will not leave this mountain." , his eyes tried to burn through me as he reached out to grab my throat. Feeling something out of control inside, I did the only thing I could and thrust my hand out. There was a sound like thunder and pure fire poured from my hand pushing him into the side of the mountain. As the stone shattered from the force of the blow he nodded and gestured forcing the fire to part around him. " Well done boy at least you have some steel in your backbone.", He turned then and flew away. I closed my eyes and sat down in the snow letting the cold numb my body. I lost track of time as I sat there feeling nothing and thinking. " Bastard , I'm not like you.", I shouted to the empty air and stood. I put one foot in front of the other and went on. As the sun beagan to set, I smelt smoke on the wind and roasting meat. My stomach lurched reminding me I hadn't ate much for a couple of days now and it was high time to pay attention to it.I picked up my pace and jogged down the trail seeing a fire in the distance. As I closed the distance the air itself seemed to wrap around me pushing me forward. In my hunger I ignored it and approached the fire. " Hello?", I called out in greeting but no one answered.

There was a small boar spitted over the fire dripping fat into the popping flames and a scent of sage rubbed into the meat making my mouth water and my stomach roll like thunder. I heard a noise to my left and turned looking into the eyes of a man stopped with age but kind in their depth like a warm breeze. " Look's like you could use a freind and some new rags about your feet from the look of you," he said with a gesture at my frozen feet. " Been makin my way down the mountain for a few days now and your camp looked good," I tried to keep the hunger out of my voice but it was knawing at the back of my throat like a rabbid beast. " Well I could use the company if you'd fetch some more wood my bones are gettin to old for walkin far and your stomach sounds fit to leave you behind and find a new master if you don't feed it soon," he chuckled on the last bit as he sat on a stump stirring the blaze. I grinned in reply and started searching for the wood gathering an armload in about an hour returning to find him chewing thoufhtfully on a hunk of meat. " Well at least you found your way back throw the wood over there and clean your hands in the snow then join me and we'll have a talk while you fill that pit before it eats you." again he chuckled and I did as he said with a smile.

Copyright 2002-2006 J.K. Stuart

This is the beginning, as I have time I will add more so feel free to check back often. Last updated 1-22-2006
Note: Life has been very hectic for all of us here, and because of this he hasn't had as much time to write. If you enjoy what is here so far, please feel free to e-mail him and let him know. Maybe that will encourage him enough to write some more :) .

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