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Double trouble is forecast in a dream featuring quads, but it will be minor and temporary.

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If a quarantine was the main feature of your dream, you can confidently expect that a current threat to your security will turn out to be a tempest in a teapot.

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Quarter (not money)

Be prepared for some delays or alterations in your current plans if your dream featured a fourth of anything.

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To dream of playing or singing in a quartet signifies a decrease in status.

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Whatever form it took in your dream, this act is a warning to avoid loose companions or careless behavior that could seriously damage your reputation by giving a false impression to those whose opinions are important to your welfare.

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Seen in his native surroundings this fellow is a warning against carelessness in meeting your obligations; but if he was in captivity or in a zoo, the dream suggests that you will have a social benefit due to your sexual prowess.

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A dream of being in school suggests that your reluctance to break old associations is retarding your progress; to dream of leaving school or of seeing a school from the outside predicts a sudden stroke of money luck, but don't go wild; it will be transitory - - - (In the "Wicca Spellbook" it says: To dream about being back in school is an indication of frustration or a subconscious feeling that you are being examined or tested in some way).

Whether powered by sail, steam, or motor, ships in your dream are an augury of profitable ventures. To be in a shipwreck portends a situation in which you will have to defend your reputation. To see or build a model of a ship promises a mad new love affair within the year. A single battleship seen in your dream indicates an improvement in your living conditions; a fleet of ships is a sign of business success. In any dream of ships, the condition of the water and weather must be taken into consideration.

All spiders except the tarantula in a dream are a sign of general good luck; to kill one signifies good news; if it was spinning it augurs approaching money; climbing a wall it's a harbinger of success in all that concerns you most deeply.

This dream is a signal that you need a change of scene or more mental relaxation. Try sharing your troubles with a trusted friend or advisor, but in any event stop brooding.

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The tails of domestic animals indicate happiness; wild animal tails suggest profit after adversity; and fish tails signify successful speculations.

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It is a lucky omen to dream of an ugly person; however, if you dreamed of being ugly yourself, it suggests that you must try to cultivate a more outgoing personality if you want to hold on to valued friends.

Another dream of contrary. The greater your dreamed unhappiness the greater will be your coming joy.

This mythical creature in your dream is telling you that you are in for a period of beneficial changes.

For a man to dream of wearing a uniform signifies an approaching improvement in status; for a woman, it predicts happiness in love and/or domestic affairs.

A dream of contrary.

Obviously, the details of the dream action must be correlated, but according to the ancient oracles, urine, as such, is a symbol of increasing creative power and/or strength; however, to urinate signifies a release from tension and/or worry.

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You are in danger of being led astray by undesirable associates: if you are not capable of resisting the pressure alone, don't be too proud to ask for help.

If you dreamed of voting, it suggests that you need to cultivate more self-confidence. Try asserting yourself for a change; you might be very favorably surprised with the result.

Whetehr you or others took the vow in your dream, it forecasts a happy solution to any domestic or love problems you may now have.

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A web (except that of a spider) is a warning against getting involved in any form of intrigue.

Although there is considerable variation among the oracles in regard to the meaning of this dream, a consensus seems to agree that it is a symbol of a happy but brief interlude. Of course all the details must be correlated and the interpretation thereby modified.

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An omen of contrary signifying good health and release from worry. If your dream featured looking at your own X-ray films, you can expect to have to answer for some past indiscretion.


These sweet potatoes in your dream are a health warning; watch your diet and have a medical checkup.


Naughts in your dream are an omen of wasted energy; reassess your situation with an eye to altering your objectives.

Solid achievement in all spheres of activity is forcast in a dream featuring zinc.

You are likely to have fame as well as finacial success if you dreamed of seeing or studying the Zodiac.

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These interpritations are from "The Dreamer's Dictionary" as well as other sources. I don't plan on posting every interpretation, but I will be adding more. Please be patient with me. Right now I am adding as people ask me to interpret as well as adding the dreams being studied in the spirituality class I teach at Castle Walls.

If you have a specific dream question or interpretation you'd like added, please e-mail me or post it to the message forum located on the Forgotten Path Community page.

I have had several e-mails lately on dream symbols/topics that are not listed in any books I have and that I have no idea how to interpret, so I am going to list them here and if anyone can interpret them please e-mail me and I will e-mail the questioners as well as post the interpretations above. The symbols/topics are:
air raid sirens
people who are actually dead in life having died and come back to life as themselves in the dream
a battle ship on wheels on land.

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