How We Met

Darkholm & Katcha self picture taken March 2001
The very first picture taken of James & I together, and we took it ourself. Taken March 21, 2001.

Many people ask me how James (Darkholm) and I met. Well, here's the story for those who are curious.

We first officially met in August of 2000, but the story goes back further than that. I had known members of his family since I was in grade school, but had never met him. I remember when he married his first wife seeing the announcement in the news paper. I thought then "What is he doing with someone like that. I wish I knew him. I'd fix this problem". I knew he was related to his uncle Jim, even though I'd never met him, and I cut the picture out of the paper and kept it for years. Somehow, I just knew we were supposed to be together.

Several years went by (he was married to her for 8 years). I was married twice and had my daughter during that time. My mother had burned all my stuff - the newspaper clipping too, when I was 17. I had pretty much forgotten the guy in the picture. Well, he had left his wife and was living with his cousin, Kelly. Kelly was dating one of my oldest friends - Heather - and she decided to hook me and Jimmy (Darkholm) up. Me and her were working together, but by the time he got around to coming out there to meet me, I had already lost my job. Well, the next miss was when they went to my best friends place to meet me. I had been living with Sandy for a while, but since she was the main reason I lost my job, I left.

Well, I didn't know about the guy Heather wanted me to meet. Had no clue that I even knew her boyfriend. Didn't even know she was trying to set me up with anyone. I was living in my car, my daughter staying with my mom, looking for a job. I was getting ready to try out as an exotic dancer when my car broke down in front of an empty apartment. Since I had friends at the apartments, I stayed there with my car. Didn't really trust anyone as far as my car was concerned. I spent every day out there washing my car and finishing up the paint job. My mustang was my baby. Lost many a boyfriend because they were jealous of how much time I spent with my car, but that's another story.

Every day I was out there, just hanging out with my car. She was, after all, my only real friend. One day, though I noticed someone had moved into the apartment and they were watching me! That could have been really freaky, but I just felt a connection to who ever was inside the apartment. Didn't know even if they were male or female, but I made sure and spent as much time out there as I could. I wanted to meet whoever was inside and finally I got my wish. He came out and asked me to tell his friends that he would be back in a moment if they got there before him, so I said ok. I was out there most of the evening while my friends worked on my car and eventually he came back out and asked me inside. I felt like I knew him already, like that's where I belonged. We talked for hours, then I left.

I really got to know him over the next few weeks. He was going through his divorce at the time, so we were just friends. He gave me our first hug on September 4, 2000 and I was his, no questions, but he didn't want a relationship (or so he said). I took him at his word and didn't push things. When the guy I had been seeing showed back up for me, I left with him. Granted, I just wanted my stuff back and was planning on officially breaking up with him, but Jimmy didn't know that. He got upset about it and had it all been up to him we would never have ended up together, but I discovered just how much he meant to me that weekend. I was going to make him mine no matter what.

So, we did some stuff that still haunts us to this day, trying to make the other one jealous. What do you expect from two Leos. Eventually, he realized I wasn't leaving, so I got to meet the family and that's when I realized who he was.

There are so many connections between us, that it's not even funny. As I said, I knew his family - both sides of it - and of course there was the picture from the newspaper. My daughter has two older half-brothers on her father's side and his brother was their step-father when I married Dez's father. The pentecostal church I speak about in my about me section is his family's church. I used to drink with his cousin...and on and on, but what he finds to be a sign is the numbers. My birthday is 8-16, the day before his. This is also his clock number at work and the address where we met. How cool!

Darkholm & Katcha taken April 2001
This one was taken by my daughter - then 5. Taken April 2001.

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