Katcha & Darkholm's House

Our house was built sometime in the 1930's - at least this is what the paperwork says. I really don't know a lot of the history about the house.

We live in what is called the flood plain surrounded by churches (I can walk out my front door and see 3 churches without even having to try, then if I move around I can see several more). We have several shrubs and large old trees around the house. It is very beautiful in the spring and summer.

History I do know about the house would be fairly recent. I know the house belonged to an elderly lady. Exactly what happened to her or how long she lived here, I am not sure, but her son moved in after her. I don't know how long he was here either, but the neighbors say he died in the kitchen of a heart attack and wasn't found for days. After his death, his brother and sister put the house up for sale. This is when we bought it. They left some of the furniture here as well as their mothers gardening tools in the back room. We didn't know that anyone had died here and didn't think anything of the belongings that were left here.

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