The Kitty Brigade
This is the most recent Kitty Brigade lineup. Two of my babies are currently missing and have been since the first part of November 2009. If anyone in the Neosho, Missouri area has any information on their whereabouts, it would be greatly appreciated. More information on the missing two will be posted at the end of this page. For now, lets meet the 2010 Kitty Brigade.


Athene, of course, is my old man - the first member of the Kitty Brigade and the oldest of my cats. Though named after a Greek goddess, he is a boy. He was only about 3 - 4 weeks old when we got him. Still so small we had to bottle feed him and make him go to the bathroom. He used to cry just like a baby.

Athene is a house cat. He thinks he's human, so much so that we had to have him fixed to keep him from marking terretory against Darkholm. Since the other house cats came along, he's gotten over some of his pickiness, but he still has quite an attitude. He did end up staying at my mother's house for about a month where he was stuck outside, but after the others disappeared from there, I brought him home. This March Athene - now just called Thena - will turn 8 years old.


Artemis was of course one of Popcorns kittens and the second house cat we brought in. He is still quite a ditz. Currently staying at my mother's house, he has gone back to being an outdoor cat. He enjoys running and playing and climbing trees and gets along great with my mother's cats, though I still worry about him disappearing - especially since his two favorite playmates did. Arty will be 4 years old in 2010.


Luna is one of Pebe's kittens and the third house cat we brought in. She was also sent to stay at my mother's and is one of the missing two. She was a very loving cat to me and my daughter, but suffered some sort of emotional trama that caused her to be terrified of men. Assuming she's still alive out there, she will be 4 in 2010.


Diana was a gift when we first moved from Neosho. Luna adopted her as her daughter right away and Arty became her best friend. The fourth house cat, Diana never spent a day outdoors until she was sent to stay at my mom's. She disappeared from her pen the first night and has never been seen since. A pretty little Siamese - also terrified of men - she will be 3 in 2010 if still alive.


Ryoko - or Ryo for short - was the next cat to arrive in our home. Though she is mainly an outdoor cat, she enjoys coming inside to warm up from the snow or cool down from the heat, as well as to visit her children. Ryo is the only one of our cats to have had kittens. She's an excellent mouser and likes to leave us gifts on the front step - yuck! Though not totally sure about her age, she should be turning 2 in 2010.


Ayeka showed up at our home around the same time as Ryo. She loves Dez and will even warm up to me at times, but is still a very wild one. Though it is highly unlikely this little Manx is one of Ryo's children, she still plays the part of the perfect big sister. Even though I'm not totally sure about her age, I know she's younger than Ryo and should also be turning 2 sometime late in 2010.


Ryo's ditzy son Piere must of had Arty as a role model. Rambunctious and full of life, Piere is the only mouser in the litter. He's also the perfect attack cat, but is very accident prone. Aside from being a total ditz, he also has a thumb sucking obsession - too bad it's not his own thumb he wants. Piere will turn a year old in March 2010.


Shadow is the laid back one of Ryo's children. He likes to sleep and seldom every bothers anyone. Shadow will turn a year old in March 2010.


Dante was the runt of the litter and still the tiniest of the kittens. He's pretty laid back most of the time, but does occassionally like attention. Dante will turn a year old in March 2010.


Mi-Mi is probably the most annoying of Ryo's kittens. She never takes no for an answer. She constantly wants to be held and loved on and always has to be right in your face. She is a master at being cute, though, which helps to keep her out of trouble. Mi-Mi will turn a year old in March 2010.


The calm sister, she spends most of her time curled up with her twin, Mi-Mi. She likes to rough house with her brothers, but really doesn't bother the humans of the house very often. Mew-Mew will turn a year old in March 2010.

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