Katcha's Mom's House

I'm not sure when the original part of the house was built, but when my mother was tearing out the plaster walls she found a little plaque made into the wall with two childrens hand prints on it dated 1934.

My parents had started to buy the house in 1985. At that time it came with 20 acres of land. Two story house with unfinished basement outside of town. We were told that the house had belonged to the same family since it was built. We didn't manage to buy it at that time, however, and so the house was sold and rented and sold again. The land was divided up to build a residential area.

When my father died in 1989, my mother used the insurance money to purchase the two closest acres of land to the house. The real estate owner lived in the house at the time and then offered to sell it to my mom, so she put the land up as collateral and purchased the house and almost two more acres of the land.

We didn't know much about the house or the land still. We had tried to dig a garden and came across a lot of broken pieces of tomb stones, but my mother dismissed it as being trash from the monument place across the highway. We also found several tombstones in an old cellar on the land, all dating back to the 1800's, but she used the same excuse. We knew that the creek had at one time ran through the back yard (and still did - until just recently when my mom had it leveled - whenever it would rain). It wasn't until 1999 that I discovered the house had been built on an old cemetary.

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