Poets' Corner
Welcome to the poet's corner!

Here you will find lots of wonderful poetry for your reading enjoyment.

Many were written by our very own Darkholm, while others were written by myself or submitted by our visitors.

To save on upload time, I have placed the poems into archives of 3 poems per page. I will try to keep all poems by each author together, so some pages may only have two poems on them.

If you have any poetry you'd like us to include, e-mail it to us. We will try to post as much as we can, but please, easy on the profanity. We reserve the right to choose which poems will be posted and if/when to remove them from our site. We also ask that you do not claim anothers work as your own.

When submitting poetry, please include any copyright info you would like included, as well as any links to your personal web site.


Archive 1 - Poetry by Darkholm

Archive 2 - Poetry by Darkholm

Archive 3 - Poetry by Katcha

Archive 4 - Various Poets

Archive 5 - Poetry by Darkholm

Archive 6 - Various Poets

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