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This page is an alphabetical list of common tea leaf interpretations from a couple of different sources. Though reading tea leaves is usually associated with gypsies, it originated in China.

I do feel it important to explain the how tos first. I have read several books on reading tea leaves, and no two give the same method. Of course you have to use loose tea, not tea bags. Some books say you can also use coffee or cocoa as long as it leaves grounds in the cup.

Some methods go into so much detail they even tell you how long to let the tea brew before serving it, but I suggest using your own judgement on that portion. It does seem universal to say the questioner should leave just enough tea in the bottom of the cup to cover the leaves and all seem to agree that the questioner should use their opposite hand to swirl the tea cup in a counter-clockwise motion. Some say to turn it 3 times then turn it upside down to drain, others say 5 or 7 times without turning it over. The issue of cup decoration is also one that they don't agree on.

The method used to read depends on wether you turn it over or not. If you do, you read in a circular motion counter-clockwise from the handle. Start with the rim, then the sides, and last the bottom. The closer to the rim the sooner it will happen. If you don't turn it over, you leave it placed on it's saucer and gaze into the bottom to determine what shapes the leaves have formed. I don't really like this method because it gives no sense of time.

The following were taken from two seperate books - Gypsy Magic by Patrinella Cooper and The Wicca Spellbook by Gerina Dunwich. When a listing says "also" it is because the listings were very different in each book. Though this is a rough guide, I do suggest that you use your on instincts to determine the meanings of what you see.

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Good luck, especially if starting a new enterprise.

A journey. If broken it could mean an accident.

A lucky symbol bringing stability. Could also mean a safe journey or successful new project.

Protection, love, good news.

Domestic animals: friends. Domestic animals snarling: friends turn on you or behave strangely. Wild animals: a new experience, independence. Wild animals attacking: beware of enemies.

Success through hard work; difficulties to overcome before reaching your goal.

Others rely on you, and may expect too much. Don't be taken for granted.

A very good omen. You will achieve whatever it is you are stiving for. Also - You learn something to your advantage. For the student, the chance of further education.

Hastey news, probably bad. Money will be involved if dots or dashes appear near the main symbol.

Difficulties overcome. Also - Beware of impending danger.

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A journey.
Ball or Balloon

You have little control over your own life.

An omen of good luck.

Material gain. You will be the recipient of a pleasant surprise. If dots or dashes are also present, a legacy of money is indicated.

Friends talk behind your back. Also - This symbol indicates that your life may soon become complicated by an enemy or a higher authority. If dots and dashes are nearby, it almost always means that money matters are involved.

A symbol of misfortune. If squares are near or touching, there is a good chance that the misfortune can be averted.

This symbolizes a desire to "put to rest" problems. It can also mean that you are working too hard and are in need of some rest and relaxation.

A lucky few months to come. Things go your way.

Unexpected good news about family or close friends. Also - There will be a wedding in the near future for someone who is close to you. Look for significant initials, numbers, and/or astrological symbols.

A letter brings good news. If it is an owl: be wise, keep your own council. Also - A symbol of good luck, money, or a journey that lies ahead for you. If it's wings are spread, it indicates travel by air. If leaves are close by or touching, it means you will be traveling with friends.

Help in time of trouble. Also - This symbolizes that you possess a strong or irresistible impulse to travel.

You will have dealings with the law, solicitors or some official body.

Generally a lucky sign. You will move on in life. A planned journey will be a happy one. Difficulties pass.

Don't neglect health problems. An indication that there will be an illness in the very near future.

Blissful matrimony is portended. If a number is nearby, it could signify the number of children you will have or the years the marriage will last. Also - (or flowers) Very lucky; true love, true friends, happiness in all areas of life.

You will gain what you hope for, but only through hard work.

You will form a good friendship with a person you have either met recently or will encounter in the near future.

An obstacle will be overcome. Also- An excellent opportunity is given to you.
Broom (or Brush)

You can sweep all your worries away. Also - There are new prospects ahead of you.

It is best to avoid an argument. The symbol of the bull may also represent a person born under the astrological sign of Taurus.

A symbol of happiness, love, and beauty. Also - A carefree period is about to begin.

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Restriction. Illness.

You can be of help to others.

Be prepared to experience sudden changes in your surroundings. A possible move in the near future is foretold.

You will come into an inheritance. Also - Promotion. Official possition.

A good friend or aquaintance will prove to be untrustworthy. Be mindful in whom you confide.

You will be receiving news of a marriage. Also - Marriage or business contact. Broken chain: unhappy marriage, a broken or unwise contract.

Happiness in domestic matters. Security, contentment.

Marriage, christening or funeral, depending on surrounding omens.

Completion of any matter concerning the enquirer at the time. Also - A favorable symbol that always fortells success, whether in love, career, or health matters. If dots and dashes are close by or touching the circle, however, the success could be limited or short lived.

Beware of trouble brewing.

Good luck. Happiness and good fortune are coming your way. Four leaf clovers mean exceptional luck.

Be prepared to receive some disturbing news. The coffin is an omnious symbol, often indicating the death of a friend or relative. Also - The end of something.

Prosperity; money worries end.
Cresent Moon

For a man - think twice before taking action. It is important that you avoid rushing into hasty decisions. For a woman - a female problem is indicated.

A shepherd's crook, others rely on you to take lead. Your advice is requested.

Sacrifice, unhappiness. Also - This is a sign that misfortune will come into your life. A sacrifice of some sort may be necessary, but in the end it will prove to be beneficial. If the cross appears inside a square, the misfortune can be averted.

A powerful or influential friend will help you to achieve success, especially at your place of work. The symbol of the crown also signifies highest honors and praise. Also - Success.

Your efforts are noticed and rewarded. Also - You will form a long lasting friendship with someone you have either met recently or will encounter in the very near future.

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An enemy tries to harm you. Also - You will be faced with a dangerous situation. The symbol of the dagger also indicates a loss of some kind.

You feel like letting your hair down. Don't overdo it; you may suffer.

This symbol indicates that a friend is in need of your help. If clouds are nearby or touching, beware of unsuspected enemies.

Be prepared for something out of the ordinary to take place.


A new project or career move lies ahead.

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Take no notice of gossip.

Be aware of what is going on around you.

Be prepared for a surprise in the near future. Be especially careful in all business matters.

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A new friendship or an old friend comes back into your life. If the face is unpleasant, beware; the person is not nice as they seem.

Don't try to cover up the truth, it will cause trouble in the future. Also - This is an indication of a secret admirer. Be careful not to get involved in a secret love affair or you will be faced with unhappiness and embarrassment in the end.

Something you laugh at may not be so trivial after all.


Your future will be filled with happiness and good health. If a pair of fish appear, it may represent a person born under the astrological sign of Pisces.

Something threatens you. Quarrels and disputes.

You will be forced into an unpleasant situation in which you will have to defend yourself. Be prepared to fight for what you believe is right.

This is a very good symbol, indicating love and happiness, and fondest wishes fulfilled. For a single, divorced, or widowed person, the possibility of a new relationship is indicated.

A journey overseas.

A trusted friend or business acquaintance will attempt to deceive you in some way.

A drastic change will take place in your life in the very near future. Be prepared for a possible change in residence or career.

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A loss of money or position.

You will find a solution to a problem.

It is best for you to avoid arguments with friends or family members. For men and women in the military, the symbol of the gun is an indication of active service. Also - Someone speaks ill of you.

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Your hard work will pay off shortly.

An understanding friend or business acquaintance will offer you help.

You future will be filled with romance and joy.
Hat (or Helmet)

You are offered work. Also - A happy marriage is portended if the symbol of the hat appears on the bottom of the tea cup. If it appears at the side, it means honor and praise are ahead for you and your family.

Love, marriage. Also - A broken friendship or love affair will be restored. The symbol of the heart can also mean that an existing romance will grow stronger.

Good luck in all things. Also - Look for significant numbers and/or initials if you are a gambler who places bets on horses.

It is wise to take your time before rushing into a decision. There is possible danger ahead, so think twice about a new plan or intended project. Also - Do not procrastinate! You may not have as much time to finish a task as you expect. Do it now.

Home, family, security. Help from the family.

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