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The vampire or vampyre if you prefer have been around since the dawn of time. There are three types of vampire, the soul drinker, the psychic vampire and the blood drinker. I shall try to explain what I can based on experience with their world and what I've learned through my life. First off Hollywood has created a very distorted picture of what a vampire truly is. Personally I have known several and traveled some dark roads. Not every vampire attacks with fangs and claws or is a tragic and romantic character like Dracula. While it is true that some have violent and unpredictable tempers, others are as silent and deadly as cold steel.

Soul Drinker

The first type I'll cover is the soul drinker. While little is known about this type, due to it's very nature it is reclusive and hunts at need, I have battled one and barely survived. This is not a vampire to be taken lightly. The one I encountered was in the mountains of what is now called Hungary about 2500 years ago. If you don't believe in old souls or beings created for a purpose then I advise you to quit reading now. I was passing through for reasons I will keep to myself because it is another story and has no place here. I had stayed at the tavern the night before and observed some of the locals acting strangely. I thought they might have been the victims of a psychic vampire because of their eyes and general disposition of the group. I questioned some of the other people in the village and some said they had seen a shadow drifting from house to house. I decided to stake out the village square that night and settled into the shadows off one side. About the hour of midnight I noticed a figure standing across from me. I stood and walked out to meet it and realized my mistake. The creature attacked from where it stood and knocked me off my feet. I calmed myself and reached inside to fend of the creature. We fought for nearly three weeks on different levels and plains before I defeated it and it took me seven years to fully recover. I've only encountered one of these creatures but I'm sure there are more out there. I'm not going into the mechanics of the battle because it's different for everyone and I don't suggest looking for one of these creatures. If you have fought against dark things or demons you know what I'm talking about.

Psychic Vampire

The next type I'll cover is the psychic vampire. While still elusive these are more common and can pass by you on the street without you noticing except that your mind becomes clouded and dream like and you feel drained. They are not constrained by cycles of the sun nor are they stopped by certain methods used on blood drinking vampires. Like the soul drinker the psychic vampire feeds off of energy, however the psychic vampire does not do as much damage and the victim recovers faster. Both the soul drinker and the psychic vampire are drawn to people who have an abundance of life energy and a strong mind. I have come across some psychic vampires but we reached a mutual agreement due to certain problems I was having and they were helpful in dealing with my situation. The need is different for each type of vampire and the psychic is usually one of the more controlled types. Unlike the soul drinker however the psychic vampire does not leave behind an empty shell. I know there are several sub-categories and levels I could go into, but this is just a general guide for more detailed answers or specific questions feel free to e-mail me and I'll do my best to answer them.

Blood Drinker or Sanguine

The third type of vampire is the blood drinker or sanguine. While there are thousands of legends and endless lore on these creatures, very few actually know the truth about them. I have encountered several of this type and joined in a few rituals to help my understanding. While most people believe that a vampire of this nature is on an ever endless quest for prey and attacks everyone it sees, they are wrong. A blood drinking vampire only feeds at need and most are willing to find a receptive "victim". The best place to find information on this type of vampire and do research is vampire church.com. As I said this is only a general guide based on my past and is by no means meant to offend anyone or insult any of my friends. If you have any stories or any lore you wish to share feel free to contact me. To my friends if you see this thank you for the help and Drasra ratrak consdra saretra.

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